Steven Johnson Leyba/ USAF "Recombinant Hate Songs"

by Thee Outer Process International network

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Steven Johnson Leyba is a modern Sexpressionist painter, writer, Cultural Critic, Dis-disinformationist, social engineer, performance and filmmaker

His memoir “The Last American Painter” has an introduction by Genesis P-Orridge

In 2007 he Started the Coyotel Church and is currently working on a 2nd edition of “The Trickster’s Bible” with members

His first movie “What is Art? Inside The Mind of The artist as They Speak The Truth” is available on DVD which features genesis P-Orridge

He is currently working on his new movie “PAINing POORtraits; DESTRUCTION OF THE IMAGE”!/painingpoortraits with Adam-Cooper Terán

His first book COYOTE SATAN AMERIKA which has introductions from William S. Burroughs and H.R. Giger was published by Last gasp in 2001




In an ancient land still called America
Alone stood the Last American Painter
Painting the times in images no one wanted to see
In a visual dialogue defiant of the failing celebrity cult nation
In stokes of paint he told the true story of Flag, Country, Church and State
Of corporate bodily suppressions, mental and sexual genetic manipulations
Subcontracted extortionists of the Military Industrial Complex on American streets
Absolving all responsibility and accountability
Above and beyond the laws he stood as the most responsible of all

The country stretched pasts it’s limits with nothing to hold it together
All credibility shot and the suspension of disbelief trivialized beyond belief
Entertained and apathetic the people accepted their Hollywood servitude
The sanctioned painters reverted to childhood painting of Batman and Scooby-Do
Propaganda for nothing but juvenile comfort and denial far below even Warhol
Mercenaries for nothing pre-selling out and silencing their own voices for some trite ideal
The idea they couldn’t sell was that there was nothing before or after America

His art twisted and stretched out of context
Paranoia of the one percent removed whatever impurity
His only viable self-expression labeled obscene
Outlawed and an out-cast labeled new world deviant, troublemaker- criminal
Denied as a Satanist, as a Native American activist
They tried to make him a caricature of non-conformity
Apparently he had something to say that posed a threat

Indoctrination institutions and museums became obsolete
He painted in spite and out of spite and love
In an ancient land still called America
Alone stood the Last American Painter

From Steven Johnson Leyba’s memoir, “The Last American Painter; My Life as Sex as ART as RELIGION as WAR”,


released July 22, 2011

USAF-past,present, and future recordings.

Adam-Cooper Terán cover sigil design.

USAF tracks music by M Stevens and John Dunlap

"Revolutionary Terror"
Music Marly Preston
GQ Automatic Words
Vocals Steven Johnson Leyba

"Thee Code-HEX AILMENTarius" Parts 1 and 2
Music by United Satanic Apache Front (M 5tevens, John Dunlap, Leyba, and ACT)

Samples: Eric Brosius- "Trail of Blood," Slobodan Kajkut - "A Mosque for the American Dynamo," various news clips, and Monsanto promotional ads.
John Cage - "Variations VII" from the 9 Evenings Series...



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Thee Outer Process International network Bethelsdorp, South Africa

The Topi network is an extension of the One true topi tribe, set up as a means to fund leaflet distribution and ongoing projects for the OTTT by Genesis P-orridge archiver and supporter, Jacurutu:3 .The Topi network is an organization releasing multi-media art focusing on, but not limited to, many of the currents and ideas set into motion by Genesis Breyer p-orridge ... more

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