Life​-​Power Church Sermon 6

by Thee Outer Process International network

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    In the pro-wrestling world, Jacurutu3 is known as Scary Garry, leader of the cult-like Life Power Church Faction. These audio sermons, now re-released thru Topi-Network were sold at wrestling shows and were designed not only as soundtrack but also for subsequent use by LPC Youth in their rituals, and self- transformation processes. Created for specific cause and effect. This sermon first saw release circa 2008 shortly after the initial formation of the LPC within PT wrestling in cincinnati, organized by former WWE wrestler Jimmy Yang.
    Trance-like and designed for ritual: the emphasis to take the head away from "thinking" and even "hearing"...more "feeling" Forget yourself.What happens when we hear "uncomfortable" sounds? It
    is very apparent that a polarity is produced within the individual. This
    is in essence what the LAW OF THE TRAPEZOID describes. Some are attracted and others are repelled. Along with attraction comes
    mental imagery that tries to encompass infinite concepts. Those who are repelled go to the opposite with imagery that has a profound morbid aspect connected to it. Feelings of impending death on a individual and specieswide scale, theirs is a finite image. These are generalizations, I have seen extremes with both polarities. The bottom line is that there is an effect produced, no one really understands the actual nature of the
    effects, nor its boundaries, we will find out.
    The emotional effects of angles – particularly in relation to supposedly haunted houses or “cursed” rooms, where bad things happen. My background in art makes me familiar with the emotional effects of colours, and it would seem that shapes can likewise evoke feelings. Cursed rooms and house in general are due to a slightly off wall, where the conscious mind doesn’t spot the nasty angle, but the subconscious feels the effect of something being askew. This is how rooms can provoke angry confrontations or perhaps even multiple suicides over time.
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released February 14, 2012



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Thee Outer Process International network Bethelsdorp, South Africa

The Topi network is an extension of the One true topi tribe, set up as a means to fund leaflet distribution and ongoing projects for the OTTT by Genesis P-orridge archiver and supporter, Jacurutu:3 .The Topi network is an organization releasing multi-media art focusing on, but not limited to, many of the currents and ideas set into motion by Genesis Breyer p-orridge ... more

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