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GHOLA was a circa-2000 era project I did, with the idea being to continuously resample and alter a 3 hour original recording I had made..cut it up into different bits, to resample bits and pieces and then to resample THOSE bits and pieces, constantly building upon itself, and reviving the "dead cells" to make new clones. There were about 20 different GHOLA releases.

I am now reviving the project via Topi-Network and opening it up for others to takes these sounds and do what you will with them...for someone ELSE to take what you did with them and to do what THEY will do with them...still make sense? GHOLA is open-source. It is intended to be multi-functional and it is here to be re-abused through you. Sounds reduced and isolated for re-purposing purposes. In the future the Ghola project will include writings for you to cut-up as well to accompany your soundtracks. I have shown you mine, now show me yours. Contact to send your mixes.

Original DNA uploaded as GHOLA-DEAD CELLS.


"It’s yours, because it's free!" Emmett Grogan of the Diggers 1967


released August 11, 2013




Thee Outer Process International network Bethelsdorp, South Africa

The Topi network is an extension of the One true topi tribe, set up as a means to fund leaflet distribution and ongoing projects for the OTTT by Genesis P-orridge archiver and supporter, Jacurutu:3 .The Topi network is an organization releasing multi-media art focusing on, but not limited to, many of the currents and ideas set into motion by Genesis Breyer p-orridge ... more

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